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Best Of The Wurst

It's been a long road trip, but hang in there baby!  It ain't over yet!  We've all had a great time along the way.  And now it's time to mix-up the best-of-the-best of our jams & share some potent nostalgia with our creative collaborators, friends, & fans!  They're all magnificently here, freshly tossed & remastered!  To assemble the best of it all, we decided to repackage the gems from the first 4 releases in a humongous 30-cut double CD!  It's big, bold, & meaty and all posted in a variety of on-line music stores...including Amazon & iTunes.  So get ready to take a big bite of a real "Monster".  And, even though the Monster is not extinct, we hope you'll still dig the music!  --BC & Snaz


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Vocals (Best & Wurst): Brian Cummings, Eddie Snazmo

Backing Vocalage: Eddie Snazmo, Paul Robie, Carrie Turker, Dennis M. Tenney, Shelly Smith, Brionne & The Beebabes

Massive Guitars: Erol Turker, Tony Gage, George Thompson, Brett Ericson, Dennis M. Tenney, Dean Restum, Baxter Robertson, Jimmy Valcroh, Jymee Jikimah

Bassive Wound-Up Guests: Wayne Ahlberg, Mel Famey

Bassness & Percussive Keyvasion: Brian Cummings

Keyboards, Pianos, & B3's: Paulie Kallestad, Brian Cummings, Paul Robie, Baxter Robertson, Shane McMartin

Horn Funk Blat-Brats: The Pro Bono Horns (Steve Sadd, Alto Sax, Harley Lipton, Baritone Sax, Russ Mullen, Trumpet)

Drums That "Stick": Mark Craney, Gary Durrett, Johnathan Glenn, Fred Howard

Additional Drum Stuff & Programming Brilliance: Mark Evans

Voice Characterizationers: Brian Cummings, Sheryl Bernstein, Robert Cait, Gary Owens (The late great "Foon", himself!)


All Words & Music by Brian Cummings.  Copyright, Snazmodyne Music (BMI)

Music Administered by Becomings Inc.  Inquiries at


                        BEST OF THE WURST: CHOICE CUTS



(Music may need "a mo or three" to load.  Take a serious bathroom break)


Best Of The Wurst


1-Shake The Shake

2-Heat Of The Moment

3-Just One Chance

4-Need Somebody


6-Blarney/Just A Video

7-Gone, Really Gone

8-Blues On (In The Blue Zone)

9-Hummin' Down The Highway

10-Livin' A Lie

11-Outside Of The Law

12-Old Man

13-The Throb

14-Bumm Gumm/Song Of The City

15-On & Off Agenda/The Contest

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Best Of The Wurst


1-Potshots At The Moon

2-Nuthinmo Tusae

3-Flat Out, Alright

4-Same Old Black & Blues

5-Moth To The Flame

6-Waiting For You

7-Nothin' Like A Motorweird Hoedown

8-Tradin Hearts

9-Bop & Jiggle (Tease & Tickle)

10-10K Run

11-Looks Bad, Feels Good

12-Take Me Back (with Intro & Outro)


14-Cat Scat Blooze

15-Say Finis, It's The End


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