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The musical journey leads where it will.  Sometime in 2017, we plan to publish the unsung instrumental "Monsters" that came as part of our semi-amorphous group's musical process.  But more about that later!  Excelsior!  --BC



Vocalizers: Nobody.  These are instrumental tracks.  (So we're sleepin' in!)

...and so are our brilliant "Monster" collaborators & friends!


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Instrumental Preview

(Music may take a "mo" to load.  So put down that amp & take a break.)

All Music by Brian Cummings.  Copyright, Snazmodyne Music (BMI)

Music Administered by Becomings Inc.  Inquiries at

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Audio is not yet available

for this in-production CD.

See Best Of The Wurst

& Fools, Love, & Politics

for currently available

latest vocal versions.

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