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Casa Rolle

Casa Rolle was a creative high for the Monster music machine.  The Title was first inspired by "Slowhand" Clapton's publishing company & a plate of "mushy noodles".  Yeah, pun fever still runs rampant after a couple nights of wrestling with lyrics & mixed metaphors.  At this juncture, Eddie became more reclusive & stayed home with even greater intensity.  At first it was strange, working in a more solo vein during the writing process.  But then I was inspired by "outer-spatial stuff" & collaborated with mix master Mark Evans on "Got A Woman (Identified Love Object)". The track featured varied influences from the "sons of the beach" to "illegal aliens from outer space".  The harmonies & track layers, Turk's guitar & the synth work against the vocals added to a confident otherworldly "find your inner-extrovert" vibe.  Still we missed that "Snaz angst" that Eddie brought to our sessions.  Whoda thunk that we'd buy into the conflict?  It was between this, our 4th studio effort & the next, "Fools, Love, & Politics", that Media Monster & the music world at large lost another long-time friend & rythm-master, Mark Craney.  We can never forget how his talent & constant encouragement always helped us to "play on".   --BC


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Vocal Pyros & Gyros: Brian Cummings, Eddie Snazmo

Backing Vocal Creatures: Eddie Snazmo, Carrie Turker, Brionne & The Beebabes

Guitar "Fingers": Erol Turker, George Thompson, Jimmy Valcroh, Jymee Jikimah

Basser Instincts: Wayne Ahlberg, Mel Famey

Bass, Keys, & Percussing: Brian Cummings

Other Subtle Keyboards: Brian Cummings

Drums Of Note: Mark Craney, Sven Knaarlstadt

Drumming Again & Programming: Mark Evans

Voice Characterizations & Over-acting: Brian Cummings

Look, Up In The Sky: Everybody


All Words & Music by Brian Cummings.  Copyright, Snazmodyne Music (BMI)

Music Administered by Becomings Inc.  Inquiries at



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