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At the outset, major kudos to Brian Beery for the subliminal CD cover.  It seems we're all fools for something.  When it comes to Media Monster, always check the box for makin' music.  When we finally got it together for FL&P, Snaz was tired of hiding behind the bushes.  So we summoned the unusual suspects one mo time.  In my voice-over "day-job", I was probably working on "Two Stupid Dogs", with Brad Garrett, & cutting some promo VO for Disney.  But everybody was itching to get back to it, musically.  We met at Snazmodyne Studios & started jammin' on "Bad Recession Blues", to warm up...and It was all still there!  The adrenalin rush was as good as ever.  We "fluffed up" a couple other group faves & snuck them into the "Collector's Edition" version of the CD.  Newest standouts include: "Find A Brighter Day", "Modern Music", & "To Be Bopped", not to mention "Tip Of My Tongue" (nicely remixed) & the aforementioned "Bad Recession Blues", which tributes late greats, Mark Craney & Tony Gage.  We posted a vid a few years ago that included our tribute at   If your interest is piqued, you can check em all out & cast a vote for your favorite.  --BC


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Vocalization Motivation: Brian Cummings, Eddie Snazmo

Backing (Up & Down) Vocals: Eddie Snazmo, Paul Robie, Carrie Turker, Dennis M. Tenney, Brionne & The Beebabes

Guitars & Stuff Like That: Erol Turker, Tony Gage, George Thompson, Brett Ericson, Jimmy Valcroh, Jymee Jikimah

Bass Accusations: Wayne Ahlberg

Bass Fretts & Keys & Percussion &: Brian Cummings

Keyboards & Kudos: Paulie Kallestad, Brian Cummings, Shane McMartin

Drums-Alums: Mark Craney, Gary Durrett, Fred Howard

Drums Too & Programming, 3: Mark Evans

Voice Characterizations: Brian Cummings

Group Griping: Nobody In Particular 


All Words & Music by Brian Cummings.  Copyright, Snazmodyne Music (BMI)

Music Administered by Becomings Inc.  Inquiries at


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(No foolin'!  In the mood but waiting?  Stay & we'll deliver our Monstrous Musical Agenda!)




1-Modern Music

2-Into The Light

3-Zeez Tease

4-World Of Trouble


6-Tip Of My Tongue

7-Golden Land


9-Stick Around

10-Seconds Of Pleasure

11-Love Talkin' To You

12-Find A Brighter Day

13-Got A Woman (Identified Love Object)

14-To Be Bopped

15-Bad Recession Blues

16-Fallin' Down Blues


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