Fan Cons & Flying Fingers (In Production)


Currently in production & scheduled for release in Late 2018 or early 2019.  Keep watching the night skies for The Northern Lights, The bouncing balls of You-Foes, and/or our new project, "Fan Cons & Flying Fingers" (CD sleeve above) the latest in the evolution of the "Media Monster".  It's available, in a signed collectable hard copy at Brian Cummings' Fan Con appearances, and/or by digital download at  A video version & preview of the single from the new project is posted below!  And the best part of it added fees for carry-ons!  --BC & Snaz


(If music takes a few sec's to "Cosplay".  Why not hit the fridge for some scandalous sweets?)

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Vocal Emoting, Keys, Bass GTR, & Rhythm Track Stuffing: Brian Cummings

Additional BG Vocal Fluffing: The reclusive-exclusive Eddie Snazmo.

Guest Guitar Wizzins: Brian Phillips; the man, the myth, the legend (Uh-oh! His price just went up!)

Other Fabtastic Instrumentation:  The usual cast of unusual crazies, including Jimmy Valcroh (BG Rhythm "Git"), Jymee Jikimah ("Nuther" Keys), & Sven Knaarlstadt (Drum Trippin').

Character Cameos:  Dr. Mindbender, Solo-esque EFX, Doofus, Socolov Under-riffing, & Hollywood ("Now isn't that cute?")

Inspirational Thoughtput: Mark Evans, Justin Davis, Michael Bornheim, & Wayne Ahlberg.


All Words & Music by Brian Cummings.  Copyright, Snazmodyne Music (BMI)

Music Administered by Becomings Inc.  Inquiries at


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So check out our special Best Of Fan Con Collection CD, featuring the new single "Fan Con C'Mon", a vampire love song, "Tip Of My Tongue", our out-of-this world love jam, "Got A Woman (Identified Love Object)", & more "Con-able Cuts", available collectably signed in the Brian Cummings booth at your fave fan-con...or from the fan-friendly guys at!

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