Fan Cons & Flying Fingers (In Production)


Currently in production & scheduled for release in Late 2018 or early 2019.  Keep watching the night skies for The Northern Lights, The bouncing balls of You-Foes, and/or our new project, "Fan Cons & Flying Fingers" (CD sleeve abovel) the latest in the evolution of the "Media Monster".  An early preview of the 1st single from the new project is posted below, y'all!  And the best part of it added fees for carry-ons!  --BC & Snaz


(Music may take a few sec's to "Cosplay".  Why not hit the fridge for some scandalous sweets?)

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Vocal Emoting, Keys, Bass GTR, & Rhythm Track Stuffing: Brian Cummings

Additional BG Vocal Fluffing: The reclusive-exclusive Eddie Snazmo.

Guest Guitar Wizzins: Brian Phillips; the man, the myth, the legend (Uh-oh! His price just went up!)

Other Fabtastic Instrumentation:  The usual cast of unusual crazies, including Jimmy Valcroh (BG Rhythm "Git"), Jymee Jikimah ("Nuther" Keys), & Sven Knaarlstadt (Drum Trippin').

Character Cameos:  Dr. Mindbender, Solo-esque EFX, Doofus, Socolov Under-riffing, & Hollywood ("Now isn't that cute?")

Inspirational Thoughtput: Mark Evans, Justin Davis, Michael Bornheim, & Wayne Ahlberg.


All Words & Music by Brian Cummings.  Copyright, Snazmodyne Music (BMI)

Music Administered by Becomings Inc.  Inquiries at


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And check out our special Best Of Fan Con Collection CD, featuring our new single "Fan Con C'Mon", the vampire love song "Tip Of My Tongue", our out-of-this world love jam, "Got A Woman (Identified Love Object)", & more "Con-able Cuts", available signed in the Brian Cummings booth at your fave fan-con...or from the fan-friendly guys at!

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Fan Cons & Flying Fingers,

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