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The Real Deal on Media Monster

 One cold dark night in March, the wind howled through naked trees & tossed a shabby shingle onto the cracked mud road.  A woman moaned and suddenly the night exploded with the scream of a newborn son.  Her sweat-streamed face smiled at the object of her labor.  But that's an entirely different story.  Meanwhile, in a small mid-western town, & an even smaller hospital, Brian Cummings entered this world, quietly screaming.  His parents were understandably thrilled by their new bouncing bundle of bodily fluids.  They still brag that at 3 months, he uttered, "See the moon!".  And "moon" he did, learning to "turn the other cheek!".  Like many future showbiz giants, he was extremely shy, except when performing.  In kindergarten he sang louder and faster than anyone.  He imitated his favorite characters at the table, often forgetting to swallow.  He aped Elvis; singing with-mashed-potatoes-in-his-mouth ("Doesn't Everyone?"). Brian's performing obsession propelled him onward to an eventual career in voice-over, but he never lost his deep love for music.  

Not much is known about Eddie Snazmo, aka Snaz.  And if you ask, he's not talkin'.  It's almost as if Brian and Eddie were two dimensions of the same person.  Actually Eddie's father was an award winning writer and infamous jewel thief, who lied on resumes to supplement his income as an unemployed nuclear physicist.  On odd weekends, he played the accordion...all night long, which inspired Eddie to bed, loudly.

The boys finally met in a garage band (Or was it a garage where Brian’s bands were being tightened?).  They played & lubed while trying to get young girls up on the rack, becoming locally famous as awkward adolescents, but with fast & loose wheels.  After lots of cold showers, as many typical dues-paying gigs followed, backing big groups (at Big-N-Tall conventions) & playing small clubs (mostly Boys & Girls clubs).  Finally, the two life-long best pals dumped their other dues-paying band-mates on the inspiring road to stardom. fame, and stuff like that.

So check out BC's VO credits on IMDB, sample the blues-licks and/or rock-jams here & on iTunes & wonder, "just who arrgh these guys, anyhoo?" Yes, amigos this tale is a real "Monster".  And trust me. It’s all true, just as surely as I'm getting really big bucks to write this crap-trap.--Mel Famey, Indigent Rock Climber, Bassist, & sometimes Journalist. 

All Words & Music by Brian Cummings.  Copyright, Snazmodyne Music (BMI)

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We owe deep thanks to the immense musical contributions of our many close friends, families, fans, followers, their friends & followers, family friends, and our co-dependent collaborators, including:

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 Thanks For It All! – Brian (BC) Cummings & Eddie (Snaz) Snazmo

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