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One Lucky Dog

One Lucky Dog was inspired by the irony in this sad picture from Madagascar.  We were all feeling a bit pathetic at this juncture much so that we used the shot on the CD cover.  It revealed a hint of the inevitable group drama that reared it's forehead as we rounded 3rd base.  So The Snaz & BC co-writing team was loosening our hoary grasp on the Monster's musical ID (& ego) at this juncture.  To translate, we had become polarized by conflicting approaches to the creative process.  To translate further; there was a kind of garage-sale template to our musical madness.  Still, we added several new compositions that really rocked owing to increasing solidarity among the Monsters & Wayne Ahlberg's solid bass footprint on the reimagining of our previously unpublished work.  We were all thrilled & surprised...even knocked-out in an MMA kind of way by the resulting scrappy CD package.  But our joy was suddenly & sadly tempered with the untimely passing of rock-guitar master & friend Tony Gage.  So, like the pup in the photo, we picked up what scraps we could & moved on.  --BC


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Vocals & Howls: Brian Cummings, Eddie Snazmo

Backing-Up Vocals: Eddie Snazmo, Carrie Turker, Brionne & The Beebabes

Guitarrorists: Erol Turker, Brett Ericson, Jimmy Valcroh, Jymee Jikimah

Bass "Git": Wayne Ahlberg, Mel Famey

Bass, Keys, & Percussionables: Brian Cummings

Drums & Thrums: Mark Craney, Sven Knaarlstadt

Drums & Prog-Ramming: Mark Evans

Voicey Characterizations: Brian Cummings


All Words & Music by Brian Cummings.  Copyright, Snazmodyne Music (BMI)

Music Administered by Becomings Inc.  Inquiries at


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